20 - 08 - 2014
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Greeting to all from the Founder & Education Director:

The Ujima Cultural Center's Mission:

Director and FounderTo create and make a positive impact on the spiritual, cultural, educational, political, economical and social progress of present and future generations of people all over the world, but especially in our nation, the United States of America.

Improving life for future generations ought to be the responsibility of every church, school, business, and especially every family in the African American community. Education is powerful! Why not help us at the center to educate our people? It has become very obvious that dangerous social trends, lack of moral values, mis-education and moral degeneration threaten our hope for a bright future for our generation of African American to come. Let's get busy! Yes, we can do this! It is through our reading about our ancestors and popularizing the truth about the achievements and contributions that we have made and are continuing to make that help our children to learn and have a positive self-esteem.

Our name, UJIMA, comes from the 3rd principle of Kwanzaa. Ujima means Collective work and Responsibility. Kwanzaa is organized around five fundamental activities. (1) the ingathering of family, friends, and community. (2) reverence for the Creator (God) and creation including thanksgiving and recommitment to respect the environment and heal the world. (3) commemoration of the past -- honoring ancestors, learning lessons and emulating achievements of African history. (4) recommitment to the highest cultural ideals of the African community (for example, truth, justice, respect for people and nature, care for the vulnerable, and respect for elders. (5) Celebration of the "Good of Life" for example, life, struggle, achievement, family, community, and culture. The Ujima center hold in high esteem these five fundamentals.

Please join us in our effort to educate others about African American History and Culture. We need your support financially, too.  The center is a 501C 3 Tax Exempt organization. The center is for everyone. We believe that education is the best investment we can make for the future of our nation. We recognize that prejudice is an evil that has long divided the people of these United States. We know and also recognize that we are more alike than different.

The very best everyone can do is to help us teach our young people how great they are and that we contributed so much to the United States of America with our educational knowledge, medical knowledge & scientific knowledge. We strive to bring values and life to our people as we honor the struggles of our elders. We live as role models to provide directions for our people. Please join us here at the center to help educate all people about the truth of African people.


Pastor Advial McKenzie, Founder & Sis. Annis Collins, Education Director for Center

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"A Heritage of Learning Development Center"
Founded by Rev. Advial McKenzie
Directed by Mother Annis Collins
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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